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So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu…

June 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, I think I’ve officially finished my blog, and now I’m feeling slightly compelled to summarise what it’s taught me. Lame? Maybe a little. But hey, it’s my party and I’ll blog if I want to!

If there’s one thing Net Communications has, well, communicated, it’s that the digital age is only going to infiltrate more and more facets of our lives. From the music industry, to copyright, from the route we take to work each morning to, more obviously, how we contact our friends and family; technology and more specifically the internet, will continue to attempt to convenience our daily routine in ways we never even vaguely imagined possible. But how successful is this attempt? Well, responses are quite varied, as our tutes have shown. Issues such as piracy, constant surveillance, censorship, and the decrease in physical interaction are heavily linked with the increased use of the internet in our society, and I fear this will continue to plague society . Some Net Comm lectures and readings have freaked me out, making me want to immediately jump onto Facebook and de-tag every single photo of me from Arts Camp. (..Actually, upon further consideration, I should probably do that anyway, haaa.)

But ultimately, I leave this course (well, hopefully.. that is assuming I pass!!) with a feeling of positivity towards the digital age. Sure, I’m still going to stream episodes of Jersey Shore online. I’m still going to stand up for peer-to-peer file sharing networks and hey, I may even still keep my old Facebook privacy settings because frankly, I kind of can’t be bothered working out how to change them (naive? Probably.) Yet conversely, I’m more aware of the vital role the net is playing in our lives and more importantly, I’m much more informed on my rights in this crazy world wide web. This internet community is a crazy one; it’s confusing and humongous and fascinating and scary all at the same time.. but it’s so important to understand its increasing link with ‘real’ society.

So thanks, Net Comm, for the interesting food for thought. Honestly, I’m probably going to delete this blog at the end of the semester, and my Twitter account too, because that whole ‘digital footprint’ thing freaks me out like crazaaay. But I’ll keep the memories forever 😉

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