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The Power of a Mac.

Whilst updating my Twitter today I was alerted through a tweet of this amazing website http://thisguyhasmymacbook.tumblr.com/ (oh internet, you and your ways of informing us!)

Basically, this Tumblr blog centres around Joshua Kaufman, a regular citizen from San Francisco who installed the ‘Hidden’ application, a theft-tracking program that can determine the whereabouts of the laptop via Google Maps and take screenshots of the computer’s activity, on to his MacBook in case it got stolen. And look what happened- his house was burgled, the computer was taken, and through ‘Hidden’, Kaufman began to receive grainy photos of the robber as he used the stolen laptop. Kaufman uploaded them on to his blog and onto social media. The site went viral, police got involved, and ten days later the thief was identified and arrested because there was a screenshot of him logging into his Google account with his email address… haaaa.

The thief sleeping- photo taken by 'Hidden' application on Kaufman's Mac

The thief driving away with Kaufman's Mac

Screenshot of the thief even logging into his Google account on the stolen Mac!

Image sources:  http://thisguyhasmymacbook.tumblr.com

It’s an absolutely amazing story. The power of the Macbook, hey?! Who would have thought a little app you can download online would have the potential to actually retrieve your stolen goods and, furthermore, end up identifying the burglar? As well as showing the power of Macbook and its screenshots, this story brings up a whole other issue I’ve never thought of. In an interview, Kaufman said he went to the internet to find his laptop as he was “frustrated” with the lack of assistance at his local police station and “thought I should try and get some attention from the media”. This seems to be one of the first of many, I’m sure, cases in which people are resorting to technological devices rather than police to solve their own crimes. Although Kaufman’s story seems to have been quite efficient in locating his Mac, surely we can’t disregard the role of police in our society. They are there for a reason, we can’t allow the internet to fully protect us. But regardless- an incredible story!

Kaufman's twitter reaction

Image source: The Australian. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/australian-it/remote-anti-theft-tracking-software-has-helped-return-a-laptop-to-its-rightful-owner/story-e6frgakx-1226067824875


http: thisguyhasmymacbook.tumblr.com


‘Hidden’ available at http://hiddenapp.com/

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